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SHL solutions and services


SHL solutions and services
How Effective Are Your People Strategies?
Your biggest investment is in your people. But how effective is that? Are you sure you’re attracting, recruiting and developing the best people? Or is your competition beating you to the top talent?
Hire faster and smarter while increasing productivity and retention. More than half of the Fortune Global 500 rely on SHL to deploy measurement strategies that drive bottom-line results.
Personality at Work
People who are well matched to their jobs use their talent more effectively. In turn this makes  organisations more effective whether this be through profit or value provided. However, over reliance on subjective techniques, such as using the interview alone, when making hiring decisions means many organisations fail to fully understand an individual’s fit to the job requirements. This leads to costly hiring mistakes and  subsequent under performance. The challenge is to measure those aspects of behaviour which cannot be measured by other techniques yet are crucial to superior performance; an understanding that means you not only understand what someone can do today but what they are capable of tomorrow – their potential.
Personality Assessment Can Help You
·           > Save time and money by assessing best fit candidates against competencies early in the hiring process
·           > Uncover hidden performance potential
·           > Understand how a new recruit will fit into a team
·           > Increase the power of your interviews by uncovering hidden areas to probe
·           > Re-deploy talent across the business
·           > Provide managers with an insight into the likely strengths and development needs of their staff
Introducing OPQ32 [Occupational Personality Questionnaire]
·          > OPQ32
Xpert – Our Approach to find the right people for every business

Xpert is a comprehensive solution program that has been developed by Adecco to make the process of finding and keeping the right talent more efficient and less difficult. We use Xpert assessments to better understand the skills, abilities and attitudes of the people who want to work with you. It gives you an objective impression of each applicant, their professional skills and personal qualities, know-how, motivation, conduct and whether they are the right fit for a particular working environment.

Xpert is web-based so that assessment can be carried out at any location at any time, expanding our ability to find the right person for your needs.

When we present the findings of our Xpert approach, we use multiple, innovative performance indicators to make building your team easier and less time consuming.
Your advantages:

1. Faster, more efficient processing of applications for new employees
2. Better hiring decisions based on transparent, fact-based results
3. Objective evaluation of personnel through standardised and reliable psychometric assessments
4. Ability to enhance the skills and knowledge of employees

Xpert provides a level of accuracy and consistency in placing qualified candidates that is unmatched in the industry.

Xpert is designed around a methodology that evaluates candidates not only for the specific skills you need, but also studies their motivations for work and ability to fit into your company's culture. A three-focused approach is adopted.

Can Do – to understand present level of skills and knowledge

This module has been designed to evaluate professional abilities, skills and aptitudes. We work with clients to select the assessments that are appropriate to their business needs. Large catalogues of assessments are available, including, amongst others:
1. Administration/organisation
2. Commercial
3. Technical, Professional IT
4. Accounting and finance
5. Sales, customer service, contact centre
6. Logistics, industrial, manufacturing

Additionally we can create customised assessments that evaluate whether candidates have the specific knowledge you require for your business.

Will Do – to understand personal motivation and conduct

This questionnaire provides a profile of a person's attitudes, work motivations and energy. The following attributes are evaluated. The Will Do forms the basis for an in-depth interview and coaching session for the candidate.
1. Reliability/conscientiousness Social skills and ability to work with others
2. Motivation and commitment
3. Performance under stressful conditions
4. Safety orientation (for industrial positions)

Will Fit – to understand preferences in the work environment

The objective here is to learn whether a candidate will fit in well with the culture and environment of your work place. Our consultants will meet with you to understand your organisational profile. Xpert automatically matches a candidate's profile to the one you have specified. Twelve key attributes are evaluated, including, amongst others:
1. Preference for working alone or in teams
2. Reactions to management control versus working independently
3. Need for varied tasks versus routine
4. Ability to complete tasks with and without time pressure

Adecco's philosophy on assessment:

Our approach is the result of working to find the best person for every client, every day. The business world is increasingly competitive – the need to find great, experienced talent more important than ever.

At Adecco, we see the world clearly: successful companies understand that to keep the best people they must focus on developing their skills and creating opportunities. This is why we are constantly investing in the development of Xpert assessments. Our own network of hundreds of thousands of associates is actively encouraged to participate in ongoing training and certification ongoing opportunities offered by Adecco. Through Xpert, associates and employees can expand their skills to meet your demands for greater productivity and flexibility.

Test Xpert

Experience the Xpert solution that will help you identify the right people for your business needs. Please contact us to arrange a demonstration where we take you through some of the assessments we offer to help find and keep the right talent.


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