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Testing & Training

Business skills

Extensive support for corporate professionals the soft skills that drive business results:


Management courses:

The professional supervisor:
The most intensive managerial program for aspiting supervisors

Performance management:
Manage for optimum performance, contribute to motivating work

Effective performance reviews:
Effective interview process, set performance standards, goals
When and whom to delegate to, process and techniques
Managing virtual workplace:
Developing, managing and evaluating the virtual workplace
Managing pressure and maintaining balance:
Develop balance in work lives
Change management:
Tools to embrace change and  lead to the best outcomes
Crisis management:
Prevent, respond, and recover from different kinds of crises
Prepare for the ongoing viability of business operations
Risk management:
Flexible framework that works in a project, department or firm wide
Emotional intelligence:
Inspire, make a difference, and connect with others        

Problem solving & decision making:
Tools, exercises and skills development


Process management courses:

Business process management:
Create, design, model, execute, monitor and optimize
Balanced scorecard:
Identify, document, plan and execute a strategic mission
ITIL foundation:
Key elements, concepts and terminology
Six sigma foundation:
Techniques and tools for process improvement
Lean process improvement:
Best business practice, culture of ideas, tools, and processes        

Critical thinking:
Analytical thought systems and creative thinking techniques


Leadership courses:

Leadership skills for supervisors:
Communication, coaching and conflict resolution
Becoming leader:
Practical methods of change, performance, people management
Self leadership:
Responsibility for outcomes, set direction, manage priorities
Goal setting:
Appropriate goal setting activities and motivating techniques
Create a more productive and engaged workplace        

Effective feedback:
Deliver a message so that people accept it and make changes
Coaching and mentoring:
Know how and when to coach and how and when to mentor        

Creative thinking and innovation:
Honing creative skills as a process to boost creativity and innovation


Project management courses:

Project management fundamentals:
Effective taking on project tasks
Project management intermediate:
Team member skills development
Project management advanced:
Techniques for project managers        

Planning and scheduling:
Factors and elements for accurate plan and schedule

Desktop productivity courses:

Microsoft Office suite:
Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Sharepoint, etc        

Adobe creative suite:
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc

Sales courses:

Developing relationships and measurable sales
Building relationships:
Developing a support network of connections
Sales and customer service:
Dedicated training for support/call center agents        

Effective use of the telephone as a sales tool

Sales presentations:
Mastering the first impression in face-to-face presentations        

Selling smarter:
Engage customers by being trustworthy professional

Body language:
Reading body language as a sales tool        

Negotiating for results:
Preparation, delivery, and techniques

Overcoming objections:
Overcome objections and convert them to a sale   


Marketing courses:

Improve sales, develop image, and build bottom line
Employer branding:
Creating and managing your corporate brand
Marketing with social media:
How to leverage communities and relationships
Internet marketing:
How to influence and engage in the online space, SEO and metrics
Writing for the web:
How to appeal to a variety of readers and get content noticed        

Creating a Google AdWords campaign:
How to work with Google AdWords and PPC


Customer service courses:

Customer service:
Critical elements of CS that outdoes the competition    

Managing customer service:
Leading, promoting, and enhancing a customer-focused culture

Self esteem and assertiveness:
Techniques for self-esteem and assertiveness skills improvement
Dealing with difficult people:
Understanding how to behave and influence others
Conflict resolution:
Resolve conflict successfully, enhance productivity        

Administrative skills:
Improve performance by enhancing interpersonal skills


Communications courses:

Communication skills:
Improving communication skills to get along in the workplace

Active listening:
Building rapport, encouraging conversation through questioning

Networking for success:
How to make the most of connections and relationships        

Public relations for the non-PR managers:
Strategic and tactical corporate public relations
Influence and persuasion:
Techniques of persuasion and influence storytelling technique

Presentations courses:

Presentation skills:
Solid content in presentation skills and confidence
Public speaking:
Speaking in front of demanding, hostile or difficult audiences
Meeting management:
Functions of a meeting leader and keys to productivity       

Human resources courses:

Employee accountability:
Requirements for personal and corporate accountability
Business ethics for the office:
Tools to make ethical decisions and deal with ethical dilemmas
BPM for HR professionals:
Create, design, model, execute, monitor and optimize HR
Business etiquette:
Networking, introductions and communications
HR for the non-HR managers:
HR tasks involved in the managerial roles
Stress management:
Corporate and individual perspective actions to apply

Time management:
Organize for peak efficiency, set and achieve goals and plans

Task management:
Overcoming procrastination and developing effective habits
Managing multigenerational teams:
Solutions  to identify, understand and overcome issues
Workplace wellness:
Impact and intervention on a range of workplace conditions
Talent management:
Having the right people in place at the right time
Succession planning:
Roles, responsibility, function, scope and evaluation
Interviewing for the non-HR managers:
Refine effective interview techniques
Onboarding for the non-HR managers:
Optimizing and utilizing the onboarding process
Train the trainer for the non-HR managers:
Effectively transfer knowledge and skills
Advanced skills for the practical trainer:
Enhance skills in trainer’s toolbox
Knowledge management:
Leveraging the individual and collective brain of the business         

Safety driving:
Hands on safe, cost efficient, winter and special circumstances driving

Building teams courses and events:

Becoming effective, motivated, productive in teams
High performance teams:
Applying the advanced characteristics of effective teams
TV production day:
Event where participants produce own television programmes         

It’s a knock out:
Activities that are fun, competitive and completely unique


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