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Can you send me the contract via the post so I can thoroughly review it at home and contact you in case I have some questions?

If Adecco Bulgaria offers you a specific position and you accept it, then we invite you to our office to sign the contract. We give you as much time as you need to review the terms and conditions of the contract before you sign it up.



Can I apply for more than one position?

Adecco Bulgaria provides the opportunity to all candidates to apply for more than one vacant position. It’s important when applying for a position to send an up-to-date resume and give the reference number of the position you are interested in.


I have already applied for vacancies posted by Adecco Bulgaria. Should I send out my resume again?

If you are interested in a new position we would advise you to send us your updated resume, so we can acquaint with your latest projects and initiatives and add them to your profile. Please, remember to give the reference number of the position you are applying for.


After I have submitted my resume would it be kept in a database and taken into consideration when recruiting for other vacancies?

Once you have submitted your resume, it is registered in the Adecco Bulgaria’s database, unless you have specifically requested not to. Should our experienced recruiters consider your skills match the requirements for another vacant position, they will contact you to confirm whether you are interested in the particular opportunity.


I have applied for a vacancy posted by Adecco – when can I expect to be contacted by your recruiters?

All job applications received at Adecco are thoroughly reviewed by our recruiters. Once approved, the successful candidates are contacted within 3 to 5 working days.


I have some questions regarding a vacancy posted by Adecco. How can I receive more information about it?

You can learn more about the position you are interested in by contacting our recruiters using the contact details given in the job ad.


Can I visit Adecco’s office and receive more information about a position?

Of course you can. However, it is advisable to arrange in advance an appointment with the recruitment consultant, whose contact information is listed in the job post.


What are the steps of the recruitment process?

The steps of the recruitment process depend on the specifics of the position you are applying for. The mandatory stages set up by Adecco Bulgaria are as follows:
                  1) Defining successful candidates based on resume;
                  2) Completing specialized online tests;
                  3) A short “get-to-know” telephone interview;
                  4) A face-to-face interview with a recruiter in Adecco Bulgaria’s office.

The succeeding stages depend on the client’s requirement and the position’s specifics.


Do you reply back to application letters?

If, after reviewing your resume, you are approved for the position you have applied for, the recruiters in Adecco Bulgaria will contact you regarding the next steps of the selection process. They will also contact you regarding all positions you are eligible for.


How often will you contact me regarding information about vacancies?

If, after reviewing the papers you have sent to Adecco Bulgaria, our recruiters consider you are eligible for a vacant position, they will contact you.


What percent does Adecco deduce from my salary for being placed by you?

If you have used Adecco’s services and you have signed up a contract with a client of ours you are not entitled to any commission. The latter is subject to the partnership agreement between Adecco and the client companies.


What are the opportunities for a career growth within Adecco’s corporate structure?

If you are employed on a permanent position at Adecco you have opportunities for a career growth on vertical and horizontal levels. The opportunities on the vertical level are within the team you work. Your growth depends on the project expansion and on the quality of your work. After a year of service on the position you have been hired for, you have the opportunity to apply to internal job posts, which are interesting and various due to the dynamic expansion of the company. Applications for internal posts are reviewed with priority; however the recruitment stages are the same as for the external candidates. 


What are the training opportunities in Adecco?

Adecco has an in-house system for various online trainings, an English language teacher and a training department which examines and develops the employees’ needs and the company’s opportunities for various trainings. Each of the larger projects has dedicated trainers and coaches, who are responsible to meet the specific requirements of the projects such as language trainings, technical programmes, courses focused on the clients’ specifics, etc.


Does Adecco offer students internship positions?

Adecco offers part-time internship positions, but most of our employees, who are still at school, prefer and manage to combine full-time job and full-time form of studies. The flexible working hours (depending on the project) allow them to be successful full-time students and full-time employees and the same time.


How should I prepare for an interview with Adecco’s consultants?

We would advise you to do your homework on the position you are applying for, as well as to do your homework on our company. Detailed information can be found on .Prepare questions regarding the company and the position you are applying for, which will help you get a complete picture and make a decision on the position.


How long should I be an Adecco employee before I sign up a contract directly with the Adecco client I work for?

There are cases when a client of ours,  may invite the people who work at the client’s premises, but are officially employed by Adecco to sign up a contract directly with the client’s company. The specific conditions depend on the clients and their relationship with the respective employee. Adecco will not hinder the employee’s decision whether to sign up with the client, if invited to do so.


What is a temporary position?

The service temporary placement, offered by Adecco, is new on the Bulgarian market. A temporary position doesn’t involve fixed working hours – it can last from one day to a whole month of employment. This service is very suitable for companies with seasonality fluctuations, companies organizing events and celebrations or companies with ups and downs in the production cycle. Our company has the expertise and uses the best Adecco practices in Europe and the world.

The service temporary placement includes:
·    Payroll;
·    Recruitment of candidates for a temporary placement Contracts administration;
·    People management;
·    Provision of a replacement in case of illness or leave.


Why a temporary position can be suitable for me?

A temporary position is suitable for employees on permanent positions who want to undertake additional initiatives and for people who want to combine university studies with work, as well as for (pre)pensioners.

In all cases, a temporary position is a good opportunity for additional earnings.


I have a permanent full-time job in another company. Can I apply for a temporary position at Adecco?

Yes, you can. Temporary employment gives many opportunities for additional occupation and earnings and does not interfere with your main work contract.


Which are the established ways to apply for a job in Adecco?

Every job post contains information about the preferred way of applying. Most often, this is by sending a resume and quoting the respective reference number of the job ad via email.


If you do not apply for any specific position, you need to send us a resume and a cover letter containing your interests, strengths and career aspirations.


Can I apply for a position in a different country via Adecco?

If there is a vacant position in a different country, you can apply for it following the established procedure.


If I am on a permanent position in another company but I am also interested in a position posted by Adecco will my application be kept in confidence?

Adecco Bulgaria EOOD is registered under the personal data protection law and all applications are treated in strict confidentiality.


Can I work under a civil contract with Adecco?

Adecco Bulgaria EOOD does not offer positions under a civil contract. All company’s employees work under the terms and social insurance of a permanent contract.


Can you send me the contract via the post so I can thoroughly review it at home and contact you in case I have some questions?

If Adecco Bulgaria offers you a specific position and you accept it, then we invite you to our office to sign the contract. We give you as much time as you need to review the terms and conditions of the contract before you sign it up.


Is there a company policy stipulating how often are the salaries reviewed?

The recruiter or the respective project manager agrees the new company employees ontheir initial remuneration. The subsequent changes in the remuneration are based on performance evaluations: a review of achievements during the preceding year. Depending on the results from this evalution and supplied by the direct manager to the HR department, a decision is made as to whether there would be a salary raise and its exact amount.


Could it happen so that a new project, for which Adecco is recruiting not to start at all?

Before Adecco Bulgaria agrees to take up the management of a specific project, the company conducts thorough research and makes market and target groups’ assessment. After we analyze the results we compare the project’s requirements with the company’s abilities.  The project is carried out step by step, starting with recruitment in phases. The project is expanded in accordance with the preliminary established stages and when clear criteria are met.


How can I find out the remuneration for the position I apply for?

The remuneration package for a particular position is officially announced at the final stage of the recruitment process: when a candidate is offered the position.


Is there an option to grow or change positions within the company?

Out of all our achievements, we are most proud of the investment we make in the development of our employees. The opportunities for new positions are initially announced internally. Thus, the candidates run greater chances to succeed as they are familiar with the company’s polices and practices and can apply their knowledge in the development of new projects and initiatives. Most of the managerial positions at the company are held by employees promoted internally.


If I have been approved for a position, can I apply for another vacant position offered by your company?

Adecco Bulgaria’s policy is to place motivated employees, who enjoy their work. Therefore, for us, it is not a problem if you apply for another position before you sign a contract for the position that initially interested you. On the other hand, you might lose your chances of being hired for he position that you initially applied for.


Does the company cover the expenses if I have to relocate?

All candidates receive detailed information about the specifics of a position. If the client does not cover the relocation costs, the candidate should decide whether the terms are agreeable for them.


Can I work full-time though I am not a citizen of Republic of Bulgaria?

Foreign citizens are allowed to work in Republic of Bulgaria under the condition that they meet the requirements stipulated in Regulations of terms and order for issuing, declining and depriving of work permits valid for Republic of Bulgaria.


If I pass the tests should I come to Sofia for an interview or can it be conducted in one of your branches in the country?

Adecco has a flexible approach to interviews. If you are from Varna or the region, it would be more convenient to hold the interview in our Varna branch. If the position allows it, we also conduct telephone or online interviews.


Do you have a career orientation centre?

All Adecco Bulgaria’s employees who participate in the recruitment process are specialists in the field of career orientation.


Could you recommend me a position that I can apply for after I send you my resume?

The recruiters employed by Adecco Bulgaria are experienced consultants- who will recommend you the most suitable position for your profile. If there are no vacancies at the moment, they will contact you when the first applicable opportunity arises.


Should I send a resume in English or in Bulgarian?

Most of the job ads notify in which language the application should be. If there is no such notification, then it would be better if you send your resume in English.


Is it important to attach a photo when applying for a position?

If sending a photo is not specifically required in the job offer ad, then it is up to you whether to enclose it to the resume or not.


Are there any age limitations for applying at Adecco?

Everybody who is of age, over 18, and is not under judicial disability can start work in Adecco.


Is it OK if I make a follow-up phone call a few days after I applied to confirm the status of my application?

Adecco Bulgaria’s recruiters are always available to answer questions regarding candidate’s application.


If you do not contact me within two weeks does it mean that I have not been approved for the position?

At the interview, the recruiting consultant lets the candidate know what is the approximate timeframe for the first feedback.  If we do not contact you within that period, please contact the consultant who conducted the face-to-face or telephone interview.


Should I expect feedback from you regardless whether it is a positive or a negative one?

Adecco Bulgaria’s employees who are involved in the recruitment process do their best to provide the candidates with feedback regardless of whether they have been approved for the position they have applied for. If we do not contact you within the period you expect us to do so, you are welcome to ask for feedback by contacting the consultant who conducted the face-to-face or telephone interview.


Does Adecco post all job offers on its web site?

All job offers for vacant positions are posted and updated on Adecco Bulgaria’s website:



How long is the probation period?

The duration of the probation period depends on the profile of the position. According to the Bulgarian legislation, the minimal length of a probation period is upon agreement between the two parties, and the maximal one is six months.


Is there a notice period in case of leaving the company after the probation period has expired?

Adecco Bulgaria’s employees are entitled to a notice period regardless of whether they are in probation period or not. The conditions of the notice period are subject to agreement between the employee and the employing company.


Does the company offer additional health insurance?

Adecco Bulgaria provides for additional voluntary health insurance. Every employee who has been with the company for at least six months can use the following medical services:
·    External medical care
·    Hospital medical care
·    Costs reimbursement

After being in the company for six months, every employee receives a personalized medical care card, which helps the employee identify before healthcare institutions


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