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Mass Recruitment

What is mass recruitment?

Adecco’s core competency is the ability to fill a variety of different positions within different industries on a daily basis with the right candidate fit. Whether IT, telecommunications, industrial, clerical, or general recruitment solutions: Adecco is able to take on almost any type of recruitment challenge.

The assessment centre is one of the possible solutions to the growing demand of our clients for quality candidates, in large volumes and short periods of time. Mostly it is either the case for service centers of especially high volume, to compensate for the turnover rate, or when a new service is starting, which needs strong profiled employees to rocket it to success.

With Call Centre Clients in particular, there may be a need for a large number of positions to fill, sometimes in very short timeframes. For example, Adecco Bulgaria has recruited over 500 temporary and permanent employees for our clients and our managed services projects in 2008. This is Mass Recruitment.

How do we do it?

At Adecco, we thrive on this type of challenge. We utilize our staff and our resources to achieve our clients’ goals. Adecco programs are designed to ensure volume, quality and retention management. It is our objective to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by continuing to offer leading recruitment solutions, as well as, customized recruitment and outsourcing solutions, enabling our clients to focus only on their core business.

Mass Recruitment is probably the most complex form of recruitment today. Advertising strategically in order to ensure the ongoing applicant requirement has been demonstrated, is one of the most important elements to ensure response times are met.

Recruiting at Adecco is a process, not an event. Our formalized recruitment methodology supports our quality commitment to our Clients. Our service teams understand recruiting to be a critical function and a key driver in the success of both Adecco and its customers.

Adecco - Services - Process Management

Understanding client requirements is one of the most important things in any business, especially in the recruitment solutions business. Adecco’s growth and success is, in large part, the result of understanding and anticipating the recruiting needs of our clients. Adecco combines the knowledge gained from regular meetings with clients, our internal service team members, Adecco job applicants, and industry trends to build a knowledge base of skills required and the market availability of those skills.

Adecco’s recruiting programs are designed to attract desired skill sets, qualified applicants and sufficient volume of applicants to meet the needs of our clients. Our recruiting programs utilize a variety of sources to attract applicants. The following summarizes a few of our applicant sources:

  • Internet Recruitment – (this site) and several leading job boards attract a huge pool of candidates.
  • Referral Programs – More than fifty percent of our workforce comes to us via our referral network.
  • Job Fairs – Adecco can recruit and interview large numbers of candidates in a short period of time.
  • On Campus Recruitment – Local colleges, universities, training centres and professional organizations keep us connected to dynamic talent pools.

Staff and Resources

We understand that businesses have different peak periods in which they will need their employees to work around the clock to fulfill their initiatives. Knowing this, we have dedicated staff that are ready to meet these everchanging requirements. As mass recruitment is a continuous process, we remain flexible and eager in order to obtain the necessary volumes.

The use of Xpert® online testing is a major tool at Adecco and has become an invaluable asset to our success during these mass recruitments. The ability to send testing via e-mail to large amounts of potential candidates is used both as a screening device and as a way to perform our day-to-day duties more efficiently.

As our various recruitment methods bring applicants and resumes in, Xpert® online testing allows us to test these candidates in large numbers at the their convenience using their own PC. This allows us to screen and meet more applicants, conduct more testing, and increase the likelihood that mass recruits will be filled appropriately.

We are successfully using assessment centers for big ramp ups of managed services projects, to manage backfills, and to help our clients start a volume service within tight deadlines.

Success story / Example:

So far, we at Adecco Bulgaria organized assessment centers on numerous occasions, both for our internal positions, and for our clients. We have always tried to organize the centers in the most relaxed, and yet objective manner, so that the best possible candidates could be picked, based on predefined criteria, and through the judgment of different participants. Our company has already available resources for the conduct of assessment centers, and we have the know-how to tailor the approach to the specificities of the different position, or the needs of the client.

The most important asset Adecco has is its people. The purpose of an assessment centre is not only for us to understand whether the candidates are suitable for the position, but also to give maximum information to the potential employees about the nature of the job, and specificity of the corporate culture, so that they could also decide for themselves whether this is a suitable place for them. In this regard we put the candidates through various role plays, group workshops, work-specific situations, technical and language testing, and personal interviewing, to measure their personal skills, professional skills, ability to work in a team, ability to handle stress, etc.

At the end of each assessment centre the feedback that we are getting from the candidates is that this is certainly the most entertaining, enriching and informative recruitment session they have been to. In this case their waiting time in the recruitment is minimized, our selection process is shortened, and the end results are excellent for both the suitable candidate, and the suitable employer. This is one of the ways we help our candidates and clients to achieve “better work, better life”.

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