Temporary Staffing

Adecco temporary recruitment and staffing services are unsurpassed for impact on your bottom line.

Why use contract and temporary staffing services?

Approximately 75% of all business expenses are related to recruitment, hiring, turnover, benefits and absenteeism. Adecco provides recruitment and staffing solutions for temporary employees and other forms of flexible staffing, with five ways to slash costs and optimize your human resource ROI.

  • Absenteeism Savings - Our clients pay only for the work that is performed by Adecco temporary employees.
  • Turnover and Recruitment Costs Savings - Adecco employment agency manages all employee recruitment and turnover activity.
  • "As Needed" Hiring - Clients use temporary staff during peak business periods, eliminating high payroll expenditures during low business periods.
  • Overtime Savings - Clients can save on high overtime costs and maintain peak production by having additional temporary employees working shorter hours and/or during peak busy hours.
  • Training Cost Savings - Adecco tests applicant knowledge, skills and personality with Xpert our web based system, and can provide some job specific training, having a positive impact on the client's bottom line.

What is temporary help?

Adecco hires its own temporary employees and assigns them to work as part of a client's workforce for a duration of time. We maintain the employer-employee relationship, and we are responsible and obligated as the employer throughout the employment period. A business agreement is created with the client, that sets out a service fee and includes a guarantee period as client insurance.

Temporary to permanent employment

When a client advises Adecco that a temporary employee assignment may lead to permanent employment with their company, the agreement for this type of service is based on a combination of the length of the temporary assignment and a permanent placement fee.

As your employment agency, Adecco goes beyond expectations before, during and after every placement to ensure a good fit.

We believe that Adecco temporary staffing services set the industry standard for employment agencies in Bulgaria. The search process in employee recruitment can be lengthy and varies in its complexity and scope. Based on a client's expectations and specifications, the following are steps that should be performed by an employment agency providing recruitment solutions on your behalf:

  • Set up meetings with human resources and hiring managers to understand the recruitment and staffing needs.
  • Do extensive research and networking.
  • Do media and web advertising.
  • Perform assessments, evaluations and interviews with potential candidates.
  • Facilitate personality profiling to determine the correct fit for the individual and the company.
  • Negotiate on behalf of clients and candidates.
  • Prepare and counsel candidates.
  • Schedule and prepare clients and candidates for interviews.
  • Perform reference checks, and credit checks when required.
  • Ensure continuous follow-through after a placement.

Adecco Bulgaria is competent in providing temporary solutions on a project base, for short-term assignments, long-term assignments, and payroll.

Project-based temporary staffing

When you have specialized projects, which are different from your core operations activities, it will not be wise to hire specialists on permanent contracts and to release them after the project finishes. In cases like this, Adecco is your right partner.

We have the a proven track record of more than 50 years in helping businesses like yours develop project-based staffing strategies and secure the most highly-qualified employees.
With our extensive resources and expert recruitment solutions, we can connect you with the people you need to overcome your unique challenges and make your business more successful.

Short term temporary assignments

Staffing is one of the largest cost components of operations. Your bottom line depends on your ability to manage labor costs effectively. What happens when you face peaks in operations work, such as unplanned orders, tight deadlines and seasonal demand? The companies that overstaff with full-time employees to address peaks in operations will be operating at reduced efficiency when workloads return to normal, resulting in higher labor costs, increased costs per unit and lower profits.

If you need employees for short term production or other operations assignments, Adecco is your right partner. Please, contact your nearest Adecco office to receive more information and get a quote.

Long-term temporary assignments

Do you have projects that are not utilizing the core competencies of your company and are expected to last longer? Do you need to decrease headcount to meet company objectives? Do you have a hiring freeze, but still need additional resources to do high quality work? Are you not certain as to how long would you be present in a particular industry?

If you answered “Yes” on at least one of the questions above, long-term temporary assignments are the solution to your hassles.  Please, contact your nearest Adecco office to receive more information and get a quote.


What is Payroll?

Management of complimentary workforce in terms of employment along with execution of all legal, financial, and other tasks related to the administration of labor contracts including salary payments, food vouchers, medical programs, transport allowances, etc.

What is the Payroll process?

  1. Meeting among Adecco, current employer and future employer
  2.  Transfer of data required for signing of labor agreements
  3.  Termination of labor relations with the current employer
  4.  Preparation of the new labor agreements
  5.  Signing the labor agreements
  6.  Transfer of mobile equipment
  7.  Transfer of bonus package
  8.  Welcome briefing

What is Adecco’s methodology?

  1. Dedicated Project Manager, responsible for the coordination & organization of the whole project
  2. Detailed implementation plan
  3. Regular status meetings with all stakeholder
  4. Flexible & quick decision-making process
  5. Strict milestones control
  6. Risk management responsibility & mitigation plan implementation

Please, contact your nearest Adecco office to receive more information and get a quote.

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