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Meet Georgi Nikolov











1. Hi Georgi. How did you decide to learn German language?

I have lived couple of years in Austria and I needed the language to study and work. When I returned to Bulgaria, I wanted to continue learning the German language and not give up on those skills I mastered abroad. My plan was to use German for work purposes and therefore I’ve started searching for a suitable job related to the language both written and spoken. The position of Technical Support Specialist attracted me also because it is related to the IT field – a field that intrigues me for further career growth.


2. Tell us why you decided to be part of the intensive crash course provided by The Adecco Group Family.

After I came back in Bulgaria, I’ve spent one year and a half without practicing my German skills. Because of that, I didn’t feel prepared to start any kind of job requiring this language without studying a bit more. The company gave me this amazing chance to be part of the Crash Course ( where basically I can study all day long and get paid for it. I think this course is useful for both the company and the new employees because on one hand, the Adecco Group trains their own Specialists; on the other hand, the employees are better prepared for the job – with improved language skills and completed training on the specifics of the job.


3. What did you like most in the training?

As I noted earlier, during the Crash Course the company provided us with a training on the job that we are going to do. I liked that part very much because we were making real conversations with customers and we were familiarizing ourselves with the most common technical issues. These conversations were more than helpful!


4. Would you recommend the course to your friends?

For sure! I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to start working with German language. It is a very good start on the job - you have free course and you get paid for it. That’s awesome!


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