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Python Developer

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ИндустрияIT and Telecommunications

Python Developer

Our client is working on developing ML driven software tools for assisting scientists throughout their
challenging work endeavours. The ultimate goal is to build a fully fledged science assistant machine that can read and understand scientific articles. Our current and future employees are building software that can read and understand text, build knowledge graphs and causal relations between documents and do inference on top to connect the dots and give suggestions for future innovation. Our developers throughout their work are utilizing the fruits of our own machine learning research, combine it together with the cutting-edge open source frameworks provided by top companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and Nvidia and deploy the results on the Amazon AWS infrastructure to develop further our distributed cloud-based machine learning software system.

Job Description:
The Python Developer is a position that requires technical knowledge and expertise with Python, Django as web framework, design patterns and software architecture skills.  You will be expected to motivate, guide and inspire your peers through the development process. As part of the development you will be taking part in presenting and explaining the products and technologies you are working on to the business and sales team and to outside parties (such as customers, investors, potential recruits, etc.). As a key team member you should focus also on driving innovation, and whenever possible facilitating and researching improvements and providing suggestions and opinion for future company developments. Another key aspect is the close collaboration and common language with the AI research team, since lots of projects would require your competence to plan and prepare the research results for actual production implementation. 

Main responsibilities:
The work will consist of planning, designing and implementation of particular software systems (new business features, integration of AI research results provided by the research team, etc.). The person will be expected to participate actively in driving innovation in the company, and spreading the word about it to the public whenever necessary and with respect to the company policies. In addition, she/he will have to support the existing software applications and be involved in the product specification process. The work should not require immediate supervision, meaning the person should be able to self-manage and manage other people assigned to her/him in meeting the predefined goals and requirements.

Key aspects:
        Software development - specification, planning, implementation
        Self-management and managing/leading others
        Close collaboration with the research team
        Driving innovation
        Inspiring outsiders (investors, customers, potential employees) 
        Working in an agile process in a distributed team with limited connectivity
        Research, design and implement/integrate software systems
        Participation in the full process until product delivery
        Develop his/her own skills and take responsibilities for own personal development in the field

Skills and Experience Required:
       Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or similar
       Еxperience in the Software development field.
       Experience with: 
          ○   experience with Python language.
          ○   experience in the field of web development – application servers, web services, rest services, JSON, databases, cloud platforms
      Ability to teach/lead and transfer knowledge to others
      Ability to work in a distributed team environment 
      Proficient analytical / problem-solving skills
      Fluent English 

Any of these is a plus:
     Master’s or higher degree in the field of Computer Science or similar
     Some experience in a Management position (Team lead, Tech lead)
     Some experience tutoring/teaching/leading other people 
     Some experience with fundamental academic research
     Participation in research projects (academic or industrial)
     Participation in academic conferences 
     Experience with building web projects or other software projects from scratch
     Experience with AI/ML technologies

We offer:
     A unique mix of engineering, AI and Science
     Super motivated and knowledgeable diverse team
     30 day annual paid leave
     You choose from where and when to work