On Novembers 24th, a discussion on the topic “Successful Career in Bulgarian – Myth or Reality” took place in the University of National and World Economy. It was organized by Adecco Bulgaria and in association with the Scientific Research Centre for Business Competencies Development – Innovations and Competitiveness (u2b) at the “Industrial Business” Department in UNWE.

Philippe Rouvrais, Senior Vice President IT Outsourcing – EMEA & India at the Adecco Group, and Boris Sarabeev, Operations Manager at the Adecco Bulgaria were speakers at the event. Among the main topics that were discussed were how to develop a labour market in Bulgaria, what qualities and skills young people need to possess and what is required to build a successful career in Bulgaria.

“Today we live in an aggressive and rapidly changing business environment”, Philippe Rouvrais said. He commented on the years of his training, pointing out that nothing nowadays is the same. “Be sure that everything you do is going to change with time”, he added. According to him, many young people will change their job more than once, and once they retire, the reality will be quite different from what was in the beginning.

“It’s important to find out what you really want to achieve”, he advised the students. Mr. Rouvrais recommended students to learn to “sell themselves” and to stand out and make the first step towards success. As important skills he pointed out specialized knowledge, adaptability, technical skills and foreign language fluency.

“Be self-sufficient and do not wait for someone to decide for you”, he also advised and pointed out that it is not a bad thing to make a mistake, but it should not be repeated.

“If you believe you really want and have the ability to do something, you must fight for it”, Boris Sarabeev told the students. He himself had started from an entry level position at the company. “Learn, practice and do not be afraid of failure”, he added.

The meeting also marked the beginning of a partnership between the Adecco Group and UNWE. Adecco Bulgaria provided computers and monitors for one of the University’s Study rooms.

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