Social media and the job hunt

Spring or not, it’s time to clean up.

Let’s move on. Employers today aren’t limited to a resume, handshake or interview as their first impression of you. It’s becoming more common that they go deeper, and it’s never been easier to do so.

It’s in an employer’s best interest to determine if your personality is a cultural fit for the business beyond what’s on paper. Googling yourself is a great first step to see what a recruiter might find and to start cleaning up your online presence.

Here are a few pointers to ensure you don’t forget any of the essentials:

• Privacy.

Be wary of providing too much personal information. If you’d prefer to be more casual on a platform, ensure you’re fully leveraging the privacy settings.

• Inappropriate media.

Remove any pictures, posts, comments or anything else that could damage
your reputation. On Facebook you can also restrict who’s allowed to tag you in photos so you won’t be surprised.

• The company you keep.

Consider your social media connections. Disconnect with anyone you believe will hurt your reputation. This is especially important on Twitter and Instagram.

• Unclutter.

Tidy up your profiles by removing page likes or apps on Facebook you haven’t
interacted with in a long time, or no longer care to. If it’s not relevant to who you are today or if you can’t speak to it, remove it.

• Google check.

Scroll through a few pages of your Google search to ensure you’ve adjusted any
profiles you have access to.

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