The post-pandemic world of work

Covid-19 and its aftermath mark the new era of work. We are experiencing a profound change to how we work and how businesses operate. From health and safety, remote working to accelerated digitisation: the new world of work will present an immense challenge for workers, businesses and governments.

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At the Adecco Group, we have witnessed these changes firsthand. With the pandemic being both a public health and economic crisis, right at the start, we set our primary focus on securing the wellbeing and safety of our colleagues and associates and ensuring business continuity to support our clients. More than 30,000 of our own employees around the world have worked from home throughout the past weeks and we have pulled out all the stops to continue facilitating work for more than 400,000 associates every day.
Entering now the phase of slow recovery and reopening of our economy, we are committed to working hand in hand with you to provide tailored solutions and offerings, that meet the evolving challenges of the business world as they arise in the post-pandemic world.

We have tailored our solutions to help you through the crisis, focusing on:

Safety at Work
We have established detailed health and safety protocols for the “physical distancing economy” and provide consultation to help you in this transition period.

Partnered Rebound
Through Adecco Group’s LHH brand, leadership consulting and development, coaching and workforce transformation solutions are some of the ways we can support companies that need to evolve as the world changes.

Smart Working
We have all the necessary tools and the technical expertise to provide you high quality services even remotely if needed. We offer virtual end-to-end recruitment solutions, that make us the best partner for you to find the right talents for your organization!

New Skills for the New Normal
We expect a reinvigorated drive towards new skills. Assessing the skillset of your people can help you take the right decisions concerning the development of your workforce for you to succeed in the new world of work.

In April, the Adecco Group announced the creation of an HR services industry Alliance to develop health and safety guidance that will enable businesses and workers to safely return to the physical workplace when the time is right. Today, the Alliance has published a practical guide that has reviewed more than 400 examples across 13 countries and five sectors. The paper is intended to be a practical guide for companies and organisations in trying to re-open their business operations.

Read the guide here

How we can additionally help you?

Temporary Staffing

Why temp staffing? Temp staffing saves you time and money. It gives you added flexibility and raises productivity.


Permanent Placement

You don`t have time for the complicated, multi-stage process of searching for employees, do you?


We offer tailored solutions, adapted to the specific nature of business, designed to meet the expectations of our business partners thanks to our unique knowledge. How does it work?

The world of work is changing fast – can you keep up?

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