By diversifying the professional options on the market, we participate in maximizing the potential of people, companies and society as a whole, therefore providing the essential climate for adaptability and success in one’s career.

Through our activity we support:

  • Individuals in finding a job
  • Companies in identifying the necessary human resources
  • The entire society, based on the positive impact of employability

Therefore, Adecco’s vision can be summarized by our motto: „Better work, better life”.


Team spirit

Our work and our interactions are based on mutual respect and trust. The notion of TEAM lays the foundations for cooperation within Adecco and it is the key word for our activity.

Customer focus

Our expertise allows us to offer customized solutions and to bring the right people face to face. We continuously focus on building long term partnerships with our clients, associates and colleagues.


With every job, we continuously change the face of work. We are passionate about people: our colleagues, associates and clients. We make a difference for millions of people every year. We help people find work, develop their professional experience and diversify the opportunities that build their futures. In short, what we do is not simply our job, it is our passion.


Our main skill is to primarily work with open-hearted, reasonable and hard working people. Adecco’s integrity sets the path for a better working environment, better means of existence (better work, better life) and for a sustainable future by default. We are always objective in relation to our stakeholders, given the fact that our organisation’s legacy is encouraging fairness, diversity and equality.


One of our passions is to lead our activities to innovation and entrepreneurship. We stand for initiative when it comes to taking decisions and finding creative solutions. With that in mind, we always show great ambition and determination to take a step further.