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Do you want to boost the trade activity of your company?

An experienced partner will warrant complex management of processes selected by you.
We offer a full range of services – we are ready to manage effectively not only the recruitment, soft HR and administration processes, but the entire departments of field sales, marketing or audit service – it is up to you.

We have extensive experience in such fields as:

  • Personnel outsourcing
  • Sales outsourcing
  • Recruitment processes outsourcing
  • Management of customer service structures

We encourage you to take advantage of our partnership-based solutions.

Why is it a good idea to work with us?

Optimization of costs

Through reduction of own costs.

No temporary lack of employees

Constant availability of employees, also in the sales peak periods.


Employee management is fully up to us.

A rich database

We consistently build a database of persons ready to work for you.

No administrative tasks

Based on each project / need we provide the equipment (company phones and cars) and full payroll management.

Our Services


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Sales force

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Marketing Field Audits

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The main pillars of our activity:


We cooperate with the best experts in various industries like FMCG, Consumer Goods, Electronics – Telecommunication and Retailers. We keep searching for new solutions.


Finding the right talents for your company’s needs is what Adecco does best! Our strong local network can guarantee the perfect fit


We work on the basis of reliable and up-to-date IT solutions (online real-time data collection platform) and mobile technologies. We adapt our tools to the needs of the client.


As a part of Adecco Group, we warrant the financial stability of a global leader among companies managing human capital.

Why is it a good idea to outsource the sales force?

Entrusting an external company with a day-to-day employee administration releases the sales departments from being overloaded with documents and bureaucracy, allowing them to focus on processes that have the key importance for the company, such as development of the trade and marketing strategy or building of relations with the key partners.

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