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Internal talents are your most valuable resource. They are important for the company and you want to develop them – Adeсco will offer a solution that is fully tailored to your needs.

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When to use talents’ Development Center?

It is suitable, when you need:
• Development of internal talents at various levels or promotion of employees to new roles.
• Early recognition of the potential – for business continuity or internal academies for future leaders.
• Assessment of the participants against a complex set of competencies.
• Objective external assessment as added value to the internal instruments (appraisal, evaluation of the direct supervisor, etc.)
• Stable evidence of the participant’s performance by independent external assessors.
• Written report with feedback on development areas to both the line manager and the participant.

Choose a trusted HR partner. Our team of SHL-certified consultants (the world leader in psychometric tests and assessments):

  • will help you identify the key competencies you want to assess;
  • will plan activities and exercises (center design) such as group discussion, role play, interview, psychometric testing, simulation exercises and/or presentations;
  • will provide trained observers;
  • will prepare a written report and give oral feedback to both the line manager and the employee.

This will increase the commitment of employees to their performance and provide them with an inclusive environment for future development.

What are the benefits of the talents’ Development Center for you as an employer?

By conducting such a center you give fair and equal chance to all participants to show the necessary skills.

Promotion and development based on real business situations
Very detailed assessment on preliminary defined criteria and complex competencies
Independent externa assessment with proven metrics
Detailed feedback to both the manager and the participant
Various reports, based on OPQ personality test – on the impact on the team, leadership potential, development action planner, etc.

Development Center Format

Each talent Development Center is unique and tailor-made according to the needs of your business, the required competencies for the given role and the position level it is made for – from junior specialists to middle management levels, everything fully accustomed to your requirements!

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