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We help your company make a more reliable and successful selection of staff for a variety of roles – from mass recruitment to middle management roles – with an Assessment Center, specially created for you and based on your company key competencies.

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When the recruitment is difficult, there are not enough suitable candidates or you want to hire several candidates for several roles at the same time, the Assessment Center saves time and effort with a more successful result. The recruitment can be organized in an independent Adecco Assessment Center, planned and organized by our SHL certified consultants.

When to use Assessment Center?

It is suitable when you need:
• Fast recruitment for mass roles;
• Objective and independent recruitment for mass positions up to middle management levels;
• Assessment of candidates by complex competencies;
• Stable evidence of the candidate’s performance from trained external assessors;
• Written performance report for the hiring managers;
• Increased motivation and commitment of the selected candidates for their future performance in the company.

Choose a trusted HR partner. Our team of SHL-certified consultants (the world leader in psychometric tests and assessments):

  • will help you identify the key competencies you want to assess;
  • will plan activities and exercises (center design) such as group discussion, role play, interview, psychometric testing, simulation exercises and/or presentations;
  • will provide trained observers;
  • will prepare a written report and give oral feedback to the company.

This will increase the employees’ commitment to their performance and provide them with an inclusive environment for future development.

What are the benefits of the Assessment Center for you as an employer?

By conducting such a center you give fair and equal chance to all candidates to show the necessary skills.

You choose from more candidates – compared by the same criteria
You make a selection based on real business situations according to the key competencies of the company, and not based on the experience of the candidate at other positions in previous companies
You get a more objective assessment than the standard interview as the only selection method
You have information about the candidates’ performance that cannot be obtained from other selection methods – interviews or written tests
You have a clear assessment of strengths and weaknesses from the beginning for a more manageable performance of the selected candidate
You ensure a greater degree of commitment and self-awareness of candidates to maximize their future performance in the company

Assessment Center Format

Each Assessment Center is unique and tailor-made according to the needs of your business, the required competencies for the given role and the position level it is made for – from junior specialists to middle management levels, everything fully accustomed to your requirements!

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