Career transition program

When it is the time to terminate some of your employees you care about, keep your employer brand strong by showing your care for them with the Adecco’s Outplacement program for career transitioning.

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When to choose the Outplacement program?

If you are going to:

  • Restructure your business
  • Outsource departments
  • Close productions units

Then it is the right time for an Outplacement program!

With the very decision to terminate your employees, choose a trusted HR partner. Our team of LHH (a world leader in career coaching & transition) certified career consultants will help you choose the right program. Together you we will plan the whole process in the best possible way as in the same time increase the employees’ engagement and will provide them with a great career transition opportunity just before their termination date.

What are the advantages of the program for you as an employer?

Strong care for your employees throughout their career with the company – from the selection process and through the program beyond the end of their separation with the company.

Employer brand and reputation
Mental health care
A good example
Maintain good connections
Clear transition

The program

We provide customized services according to the needs of your business and level of employees – junior specialists, middle management or executives. You have the opportunity to choose between group seminars and / or individual programs with different durations – from just a few days to several months; the program is fully tailored to your specific requirements!

Send us an email with more details about the case you are dealing with and our LHH certified consultants will contact you in two business days to discuss the details and will offer you the best solution for your needs!

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