„Change Management“

The “Change Management” training includes two modules:

  1. “Embracing Change” for employees;
  2. “Communicating through Change” for managers.

The modules are designed to upgrade content one after another. However, depending on your needs, each can be conducted independently.



Even positive or routine business changes often bring serious stress to the employees. The change can quickly have a negative effect on their motivation to work, as well as their loyalty to the company and their willingness to stay in it. In order to implement the current projects and deliver to the goals in time, it is necessary for the employees to understand, accept and manage the change. Thus, even throughout the change they can create value and achieve results for themselves and for the company.

Communication in organizations, not only of a change, but also in general, is extremely important. Statistics show that in today’s competitive world, in which the organizations struggle daily to retain successful talents, employees’ performance is improved by 20% when they are effectively engaged.

Effective communication depends on the ability of the sender and the recipient to interpret information effectively and accurately. How well this interaction works depends on whether the sender and recipient understand and interpret the information in a similar way.

In this workshop the participants will learn to

Define their role during change
Determine the difference between a planned change and the real change in oneself
Distinguish the typical phases they may go through during a change and to distinguish which phase they and their colleagues are in
Observe changes and behaviors in themselves and in their colleagues, as well as what would be the recommended actions
Use simple tools and techniques to get through the change

Share their demands, views and ideas in a constructive and productive way
Use the experience of their colleagues
Accept and evaluate the communication process
Recognize the three elements of communication and the impact they have
Adapt their communication style to specific people and groups
Prepare messages that are meaningful and properly targeted
Maximize the impact of their communication
Use the experience of their colleagues

Target groups

Employees at various levels in the organization who are currently under the influence of change or want to be better prepared for future changes in professional and personal life.

Team leaders, project managers and all leaders at various levels in the organization, whose function requires communicating the change to their teams and who want to be better prepared for its implementation.

Format and Facilitators

Each module is a virtual workshop with duration of 2 hours.

The workshop is conducted in Bulgarian in interactive format by two certified senior facilitators and career coaches of Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH) – – a global leader in Talent Development, helping companies see the possibilities in their people. Through personal assessments, coaching, upskilling and career transition programs, companies can realize the untapped potential within their own workforce, resulting in increased productivity, high morale, and brand affinity. A division of The Adecco Group – the world’s leading HR solutions partner – LHH’s 4,000 coaches and colleagues work with more than 12,000 organizations in over 60 countries around the world.

Teodora Todorova

SHL Certified Facilitator I Senior Career Coach

HR professional with proven 15 years professional experience in Human resources. Team Lead in Permanent Placement department. She is having experience in recruitment projects for more than ten years, in Outplacement career coaching programs for six years. SHL certified Consultant for assessment and development centers, experienced in design, preparation and facilitation of development centers. Teodora worked with clients from various businesses (Production, Trading, Distribution). She participated in programs and academies for professional development for three levels - specialists, managers, and senior managers.

Maria Yaneva

SHL Certified Facilitator I Senior Career Coach

Consultant with 20+ years of experience in academic training, management of recruitment teams, international mobility of employees, and project management. SHL certified consultant in design and conducting assessment and development centers. In last 5 years she works in career transition, coaching individual participants and facilitating group sessions. She has proven track record with successful career transition of specialists at all levels (junior and senior employees and senior management roles) in various fields (outsourcing industry, IT, pharmaceutical sector, media, aviation, manufacturing, retail, etc.).

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