Your organization’s employees are its greatest asset. How your company compensates its most important asset has a huge impact on the overall company performance.

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At Adecco we believe every company deserves accurate data about the labor market, to be able to protect its investments.

Our great team of consultants, who speak to hundreds of professionals, from different industries and serve more than 200 clients, on daily basis, could provide you with:

Most recent updates about talent availability
Salary levels
Additional benefits valued most by the talents on the market

Complemented by the latest business intelligence tools for the labor market, you get the comprehensive insights, that allow you to define fair and competitive packages and design the right talent acquisition strategy!

Our Sources

Data is collected through

Direct approach by interviews

Online sources

Adecco internal resources

Stay up to date and get comprehensive data what the talents are looking for and where they are
Define fair remunerations for your current and future talents
Enhance your recruitment strategy
Need to update compensation packages of your employees and reduce your turnover rates
Want to establish a new organization in Bulgaria and need accurate data to set up your business plan

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Team Lead IT and Technical Recruitment

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